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    Introduction to Scar Treatment

    • Introduction to Structure and Function Education

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    • Introduction to Dry Needling for Treatment of Scar Course

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    Module 1: Development of Scar

    • Objectives for Development of Scar

    • Downloadable Transcript used to follow along with the following videos

    • Module 1: Dry Needling Scar

    • Reading: Dry needling: a literature review with implications for clinical practice guidelines.

    • Reading: Hypertrophic Scarring and Keloids: Pathomechanisms and Current and Emerging Treatment Strategies

    • Reading: The Psychology of Scars: A Mini-Review

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    Module 2: Treatment of Scar via Dry Needling

    • Module Objectives: Treatment of Scar via Dry Needling

    • Module 2: Dry needling scars

    • Reading: Connective Tissue Fibroblast Response to Acupuncture: Dose-Dependent Effect of Bidirectional Needle Rotation

    • Reading: Efficacy of acupuncture in treating scars following tissue trauma

    • Reading: Percutaneous collagen induction (microneedling) for the management of non-atrophic scars: literature review

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    Videos of needling for Scar

    • Demonstration 1 of Dry Needling Scar

    • Demonstration 2 of Dry Needling Scar

    • Demonstration 3 of Dry Needling Scar

    • Demonstration 4 of Dry Needling Scar

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    Course Completion

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